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Often times, when students are applying to academic programs, they are asked to write what is known as a personal statement essay. If you have been given this task, you may be struggling with how to start or how to complete this notoriously difficult task. There is a  good news however! We are here to provide you with personal statement help. When you turn in a personal statement with your application, you need your essay to stand out of a pile and to get the attention of an admissions board in a positive way. You will also want your personal statement to sound and poised professional. We can help you achieve all of this and more when you let us help you write personal statement document for you.


Creating an Excellent  Personal Statement


As per UCAS  guidelines, you can write up to 4,000 characters or 47 lines of text (including spaces) – whichever comes first.

Writing a personal statement can be a challenge, which is why it is important to understand what admissions boards generally look for in outstanding personal statements. One of the most prominent aspects they look for is a a professionalism, however, most boards also look for essays that are unique and stand out. The team of professionals  here at New Essays knows exactly how to please admission boards. Our professional writing team can give any aspiring student the personal statement essay help that they need to ensure that the essay is intriguing and will help students stand out from the pack.

10 important things to put in your personal statement: 

1) Explain your reasons for wanting to study the course

2)    Explain how you’re right for the course

3)    Say what you’ve done outside the classroom

4)    Why it’s relevant to your course…

5)    … And relevant to your chosen career

6)    Can you demonstrate transferable skills?

7)    Expand on the most relevant ones

8)    Show that you’re a critical thinker

9)    What’s the long-term plan?

10) Keep it positive


Personal Statement Mind Map – Click Here (Source: UCAS, 2015)



Our Professional Personal Statement Writers


If you desire a personal statement that is professional and will stand out, you need a true professional to create your essay. By having one of our highly trained and talented writers generate your personal statement, you can ensure that your essay is precisely what any university admissions board is looking for, no matter which program you are applying to. Our personal statement experts have years of experience in editing and writing and know just what it takes to create a polished and professional document that will highlight your individuality and intelligence.

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