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A dissertation proposal serves to draw in your reader while convincing them that the topic of your dissertation is interesting and unusual, yet still requiring further research to achieve its full potential. A dissertation proposal is an excellent way to prove to your reader that the title is unique and has depth, showing you have the knowledge to bring your project to completion. If you need help with your research proposal, get in touch with us.

Students can also club the requirements of a research proposal and dissertation writing service for a long-term consultation and discounted rates. Our service of dissertation proposal is offered for undergraduate, Masters and PhD requirements. Dissertation proposal requires the writer to crystallise the thoughts and final outcome of a dissertation. Research proposal would normally have two important elements namely the literature review and the research methodology. The literature review brings about a clear research problem and further a research hypothesis. The other element, research hypothesis outlines the process of collecting and analysing data.




Research Proposal

 Problem Statment
 Research Problem and Hypothesis (Based on Literature Review)
 Research Methods


The literature review is a major component of the research proposal. It is an analysis of relevant publications that help to set the environment and ecosystem for research, further defining the topic. As a rule of thumb, we normally use publications from the past 10 years for the purpose of generating the literature review. An especially important and difficult part of a literature review is the exhibition of critical understanding of the literature. The literature review should narrow the scope of the tudy to bring about a clear and concise research problem.


Why Write a Research Proposal?

A research proposal serves an important function, which is why universities require them. A research proposal allows students to focus, defining and narrowing their research plans in preparation for writing their thesis. The supervisor, faculty, or department’s acceptance of the research proposal is normally required before students may proceed to complete their research and write their thesis.

Your research proposal must:

  • Demonstrate that you can commit to undertake significant and worthwhile research in a particular field.
  • Provide a context and background for the research you will assume.
  • Allow you to develop the depth and breadth of your understanding of your topic or field.
  • Enable you to establish your theoretical framework.
  • Help you to decide which methodological approach is the most appropriate for your research.

Our qualified and experienced dissertation-writers have assisted thousands of students with their research proposals, ensuring that they are accepted and  go on to undertake their research and write their thesis.

The composition of your piece depends on the topic you are studying, your discipline, the university at which you are studying, and your supervisor’s preferences. It is important that you check with your supervisor about what components your research proposal must contain. Below is a guide to the components that are normally included in a research proposal.

The above structure can be modified according to your university requirements. We have a 100% success rate for dissertation proposal acceptance and work very hard to maintain this. Once the proposal is accepted we can help you with the final dissertation should you decide to continue with our services.

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