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Dissertation-writing is dispassionate. A Writer may be convinced or excited about an idea or methodology, however, he needs to be an impartial observer. Dissertations must present the pros and cons of the held position rather than simply the evidence that supports the position. Suppressing inconvenient data is easy, but can be fatal at this level of education.

Overenthusiastic and uncritical statements are unacceptable in dissertation-writing. Our writers bear this information in mind before beginning writing. The same concept applies for assignment writing as well. Typically, the structure of a custom dissertation in its final format will be as follows:

  1. Title: the name of the dissertation with an optional subtitle to identify it completely.
  2. Contents or Index page.
  3. Acknowledgements.
  4. Abstract: a short synthesis of the study usually in 200 words.
  5. Introduction: the first section which introduces the research, demonstrates why the topic was selected, explains briefly how the research problem was defined, and defines the research objectives.
  6. Literature Review: the analysis of relevant literature that helped to define the research topic/objectives and methods.
  7. Research Methodology: explains the data sourced, how it was analysed and what the results were.
  8. Discussion: explores the theoretical and practical implication of the findings.
  9. Recommendations: if recommendations are authentic, these should be clearly stated and cross referenced.
  10. Appendices: This section includes supplementary information like tables, graphs and questionnaires.
  11. Bibliography: a complete list of references.

***Structure can be modified according to your university requirements***

***If you’d prefer to order individual chapters for your dissertation, we undertake chapter-based work as well***


  • Word count of approximately 250 per page
  • Harvard, APA 6ed, MLA, Chicago, Turabian or Vancouver format
  • Font: 12 point Arial/Times New Roman, 1.5 or 2.0 line spacing
  • 100% compliance with layout & citation format
  • Scholarly writing
  • Over 75% academic, peer reviewed references
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